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  Step into any lecture on financial aid for college or even college financial aid offices themselves and the following will likely occur: The acronym FAFSA will be pronounced in ten different ways. The FAFSA, which stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the federal formula designed to determine the Expected Famil [...]

Federal Loan Programs

  America is a melting pot in which individuals from various races and ethnicities come together to form our great country. While we all have our own customs, traditions and problems, one commonality unites us all: We borrow a considerable amount of money for college! One way to borrow for college is through federal loans that are off [...]

Free Money vs. Loans: Am I Being Tricked?

Free Money vs. Loans: Am I Being Tricked?
On a frigid winter day with streets covered in snow and slush, a career as an auto mechanic might not sound appealing. Of course given the specific skill set needed to be an auto mechanic, this career may not appeal to many people even on a 95 degree island. One advantage however to being a mechanic is an advanced knowledge of cars, a subject [...]