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Differences Between MyTuitionScore and the Scorecard

Differences Between MyTuitionScore and the Scorecard
You may have already heard of the government’s updated “College Scorecard.” This Scorecard compiles data from two-year and four-year schools nationally so that you may compare colleges’ annual cost, graduation rates, and average salary for students post-graduation. Also, the Scorecard site will calculate your family’s eligibility [...]

Understanding the Role of SAT Subject Tests

When the time comes to submit college applications, it’s easy to look back at what caused the most consistent stress: A bevy of timelines, deadlines and requirements. Once the application process has passed, the worst feeling for a student or parent is a sense of regret at missed opportunity. Beyond the obvious, better grades, activities an [...]

Private Loan Options

  Whenever the news examines college funding in America, you can bet the topic of student loan debt will be front and center. While it is impossible to trivialize a 1 TRILLION dollar problem, issues with parents going into debt seems to garner far less attention. In reality, many students can only borrow a limited amount for college [...]

Five College Application Tips

  Imagine the feeling of four years of hard work yielding your child’s greatest dream: Admission to their first choice college. Now imagine all of that hard work going by the wayside due to a poorly completed application. Here are five tips to help the college see a true picture of your student’s high school experience: 1. Understa [...]

Financial Aid Award Negotiations Tips

We have put together three quick tips to help you understand financial aid award negotiations. Tip #1: Understand the Principle Terms for Negotiation Before a negotiation can take place, it is first necessary to review the SAR or Student Aid Report which indicates the EFC or Expected Family Contribution. This number when coupled with the scho [...]

The CSS Profile

  Step into any lecture on financial aid for college or even college financial aid offices themselves and the following will likely occur: The acronym FAFSA will be pronounced in ten different ways. The FAFSA, which stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the federal formula designed to determine the Expected Famil [...]

The 568 Presidents’ Group

  Colleges come in all shapes and sizes with populations that mirror all facets of our great country. Each university brings something unique to the table but some universities view themselves differently than all the rest. In the college world, the exclusive 568 Presidents Group are a group of school’s that march to a beat of a diffe [...]