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The College Process: Why So Challenging?

The following is a fictional conversation between a mother and her junior in high school daughter, but it may seem awfully familiar. Mother: Alright kiddo, it’s time to start discussing college so we can figure out how we are going to pay for your education. Student: But I’m not sure what I want to do or where I want to go, how am I supposed [...]

Five Admission Application Tips

By fall of senior year for high school students, the bulk of the work has been completed. Stressful standardized testing continues for some but the picture presented to the college has all but been set in stone. However, the last step of the process of gaining acceptance to college is arguably as critical or more critical than the rest: Physi [...]

3 Factors in Making the College Decision

High school guidance counselors provide an invaluable service to students across America. These talented individuals help students chose an appropriate schedule, learn how to mature enough to attend college, juggle modern-day personal issues and collect college applications to send out to sometimes 10-20 colleges. This is just a summary of wh [...]